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Flame Light Effect Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Ideal for Bedroom Home Office (180 ml. or 6.1 Oz.)

$34.97 $49.95

Features that make them unique: Automatic shutdown, Essential oil diffuser, Silencer and Night light.

Capacity: 180 mm (6.1 Oz.)

Model Name: Fire Diffuser

Material: Polypropylene.


Flame Light Effect: This flame aroma diffuser is made with a smart chip and a cool mist that can create the flame effect. With two different levels of brightness, the flame effect will create a romantic atmosphere and promote healing at night.

Essential Oil Diffuser: You can add 5-7 drops of your preferred essential oil while using it; emits an ultra-fine mist to ease breathing difficulties and relieve tiredness; it also promotes calm and relaxation; and it makes a room smell good enough to sleep in.

Super Quiet: Featuring cutting edge noise canceling technology, the ultrasonic diffuser produces virtually no dripping water sounds, making it incredibly quiet so you can work and sleep undisturbed.

Automatic shutdown function: The aromatherapy diffuser will automatically shut off when it detects that there is no water or it is running out of water. You won't have to worry about burning yourself while you sleep thanks to its automatic shutdown function, which will protect you better.

Our aromatherapy device is powered by a USB connection and can be recharged from electrical outlets, battery banks, computers, and other devices. It is light and portable. Suitable for small areas such as personal offices, bedrooms, waiting rooms, study rooms, etc.

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