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7 Chakra Adjustable Diffuser Bracelet

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In a few words, by definition, the Chakras are energy points that are responsible for the balance of our body and mind, they are distributed throughout the spine from its base to the head, each one has its own color and its own energy frequency. Taking this into account, the 7 chakras have a strong psychological, spiritual and emotional influence, so their balance is vital for the overall well-being of our body. The lava stone is formed from the lava of the volcanoes and symbolizes mother earth, it is said that it has a revitalizing power and promotes strength, stability and security, thanks to the energy that comes from the interior of the earth. It has a great absorption capacity which makes it ideal to be a carrier of essential oils, our favorite way to use it is to carry it as close as possible to the skin.  



  • Botanical Name: Mentha piperita
  • Origin: U.S.A.
  • Aroma: Invigorating, sweet, and minty
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Color: Clear
  • Note: Top
  • Blends Well With: Black Pepper, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lavender, Pine, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Benzoin, Geranium, and Cypress oil.
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Method: Steam Distillation
  • Plant Part: Flowers
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  • prueba Cautlon

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